First Concept Then Design; Why we love mood boards

The term “mood board” just seems like industry lingo but it really is the key element to nailing down the perfect design of a space or occasion. It is a visual collage that’s put together to ultimately give someone a good feel for the design ideas designers have in their heads. A mood board presents the style, vibe, textures, finishings and fixings, details etc. that are planned to be used to create the final look and feel.

A mood board should also act as a tool for the designer and the client to follow the guidelines set at the beginning of a project. It’s basically a visual contract between our client and ourselves, making sure all elements agreed, in the beginning, are ultimately being implemented. Mood boards are used to present all the thoughts and ideas created during the concept phase… this is the phase that happens right in the beginning of staring your relationship with your designer.

There is an overwhelming amount of options and choices when looking to design and create a space. There are so many colour options, texture options and suppliers out there, that most times clients feel bamboozled and stressed. Let’s be honest, if you think a good designer is expensive you should see the cost of a bad decision. Mood boards are important because they help create a clear design concept and allows you to focus on a specific path.

Once a mood board has been approved by a client, the mood board is used to assist the designer in creating floor plans, renders and the quote. The mood board is also used to ensure that all parties involved including the suppliers and other service providers have a good understanding and therefore, we can manage the clients expectations.

It's easy to get lost when designing a space or an event, so the mood board is your foundation or the pillar of the entire process. When you are uncertain, you can always refer back to it and remember some of the initial conversations and ideas you had. And at the end of the day, the mood board will provide guidelines for the look book too.

Every designer has their own way of presenting mood boards, but here at Huis Bru, we offer top notch mood boards that are totally unique. Due to the fact that that we truly believe this is the most crucial phase of the design process, we spend hours and hours putting our mood boards together. We do this to ensure that there is always a unique edge to our presentations but also, to ensure that we deliver on details.

At first glance, our mood boards look conceptual but as you page through the presentation you should feel emotion. We use imagery that sparks a good understanding of exactly how you are going to feel in the space. This paired with advice and key words helps support the imagery we use to represent the future space we’re seeing so that clients are left with a very clear path. We focus on the composition and the contrast of the imagery and that’s why our mood boards just look so delicious. Before we decide on the exact images we select, we do extensive research and development to ensure that the references are easily attainable and affordable… we also try and support local so we’re always going to include ways to boost community involvement.

We’re different and extremely open minded with a fresh new outlook on space and modern living, so we hope that our clients are inspired after receiving a mood board from us. We try and get a very good understanding of our clients lifestyle and daily patterns during our first consultation and this forms the foundation of how we conceptualise the space. We use functional space as our main focus and aim to always do this within affordable budgets… without our mood boards, we wouldn’t be able to represent this.

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