Dedicated To Dani

A blog in loving memory of Daniella Nathoo, Friend and Colleague

One of the very last, in studio, conversations we had had with Dani was an intensive brainstorming session. Our main focus of this brainstorm was to unpack various marketing strategies in order to expand our business and express our brand in a way that is totally authentic to who we are.

We sat at our table and we let Dani take the floor, she had been doing research and had come up with her own ideas that would create personal touches and flare to our current vibe. That’s the thing about Dani..she had this ‘can- do ‘ attitude, she was strong and vibrant and so confident. She was so confident in Huis Bru and the voice we have, the persistence and dedication we have to our brand and mostly, the stories we have to tell.

Dani wanted us to be seen and heard and that’s why her main drive was to motivate us to start a blog. Although we had previously discussed a blog and debated it… taking the plunge just seemed, challenging! With all the little things we need to achieve in a day and the attention to detail we put in to every single thing we do… starting a blog was like, on a very low priority list. Apart from which, we aren’t natural writers and we definitely don’t have a formal way of expressing ourselves.

Dani succumbed to Covid-19 on the 18th of July 2021 and although we are absolutely heart broken to lose such an integral part of our team, we have decided to keep her ideas alive! So here we are, writing our first blog post.

You can expect to read about our journey as young female entrepreneurs, advice and tips, stories about projects we’ve worked on and collaborative experiences with local service providers.

Huis Bru


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